(Due to Covid-19, all performances of Shield Maiden are on hold. We will update you as soon as theatres are allowed to tour again.)

Know that you are deeply missed!


Upcoming facebook live event “Let’s Talk About Rage” an Interview with Iyeshka Farmer

Friday, October 2nd, 10am PST

In 2017, I wrote a solo show “Shield Maiden”. The play explores the subject of women’s rage. We will use my experience writing/performing as a jumping off place. I’m historically a very gentle, nurturing person. I will share how I accessed rage in order to portray a woman warrior on stage. You will also get a behind the scenes look at the effect working with rage for three years has had on my life off the stage. You might be very surprised by what you hear!

I have lots of questions and few to no answers. Iyeshka will likely have answers. That’s it. That’s my reason for doing this. Just curiosity. And the thought that someone else out there might be curious as well.