Trauma Recovery Empowers Women

This Women Warriors Session highlights how trauma recovery empowers women. Kelly Price is our guest speaker for this session. Kelly is a certified Yoga Instructor with years of experience working with at risk youth. She is also a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator trained at the prestigious Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts.

There are too many examples to point to regarding how trauma impacts women, BIPOC, LGTBQ and all marginalized people. It can feel overwhelming to address trauma in our lives. We may also feel overwhelmed witnessing other people’s trauma.

How can we empower women and all marginalized people who have experienced trauma? Kelly offers us a gentle way to begin diving into trauma recovery as well as supporting those in trauma recovery. This recovery is an act of strength. Here is our conversation.

Trauma forces us to separate from ourselves. However, trauma recovery empowers women by giving us tools to re-integrate. Recovery allows us to come back home to ourselves.

The insurrection and attack on the capital building in Washington, D.C., has highlighted the impacts of trauma and CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder). Alexandria Ocassio Cortez courageously live streamed her experiences on instagram. As she says, her story is one of many. And yet, many trauma survivors recognized themselves in her story.

AOC was eloquent in detailing her experience. She knew it was risky to share such vulnerability. This woman knew her detractors would use her story as more fuel to hate and disparage her. She knew many people would not believe her. Deciding to do it anyway shows what a warrior woman AOC is.

These are common experiences to those of us who have experienced trauma. Most of us do not have the platform or support to do what Occasio Cortez did. Therefore, she acknowledges this fact. In addition, she encourages people to reach out and get help. Everyone deserves emotional support in order to recover from trauma.

About the Women Warrior Sessions:

Covid killed Melanie’s breakout solo show “Shield Maiden” in 2020.
However, as one door closed, Melanie kicked other doors down to give her warrior spirit a voice. After a few kicks at the can, she arrived at this delightful place called The Warrior Women Sessions. This is the perfect format for Melanie to use her event emcee skills. Her hostess charms, endless curiosity and great respect for lively, challenging discourse create great conversations.

This is a local, pilot-project series. Sessions include conversations with local women artists, social justice warriors, therapists and more. Melanie plans to scale up and reach a wider audience. It turns out that systemic oppression is still rolling along. That is to say, we need warriors to shine a light on inequality. The work is not over. Certainly women like Kelly show us the way to do the work to lift everyone up.

The sessions are intimate talks with real life women warriors. Melanie Teichroeb explores the themes of humour, sexuality, fierceness, feminism. SUBSCRIBE NOW for this and more videos with Melanie.