The Women Warrior Sessions with Sheila Norgate

Welcome to the first instalment of The Women Warrior Sessions with special guest, Sheila Norgate. The series highlights what it takes to be a warrior these days. Throughout the series, I speak with artists, social justice warriors, therapists, and trendsetters from all genres. We focus through a feminist lens. But since equality is a basic right, ALL humans can benefit from the wisdom shared by my esteemed guests.

Since Covid 19 shut down stages everywhere, The Women Warrior Sessions is a pivot from my solo show, Shield Maiden. This allows me to forge new paths to connecting with audiences.

I am so excited to share this series with you all!

The Warrior Sessions with special guest, Sheila Norgate

This casual interview format is informative, funny and at times, challenging. For example, Sheila points out that violence against women can, in some instances, keep women from using their voice. Certainly, creativity is an expression of one’s own voice. Women warriors need and deserve the opportunity to speak their voice through creative expression. Sheila talks about how censorship and shaming of women artists is a method of silencing that voice.

The video represents one half of The Women Warrior Sessions. The conversation continues off screen with a group of participants. In that forum, we dive even deeper into creativity and its challenges for women. Sponsored by Island Futures, Gabriola Rec Society and Wave Consulting, this pilot series is designed for Gabriola women with a spotlight on Gabriola’s women leadership. However, the hope is to scale the series up and reach a larger audience.

The future line-up includes:

  • Social Justice Through a Feminist Lens
  • Trauma & Recovery of Inner Strength
  • Women Leading Citizen Action
  • Spirituality & the Divine Feminine

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