Social Justice Through a Feminist Lens

This women warrior session explores Social Justice Through a Feminist Lens with guest Angela Pounds.

Firstly, Angela is a social worker for an organization called People For a Healthy Community (PHC). Secondly, she is the Chapter Co ordinator of the Gabriola Chapter of the Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice. Angela connects clients to emotional/physical support and other resources. Further she works with island physicians to access resources for their patients. Above all she works to mitigate the effects of poverty on people in her community.

Angela believes that all people deserve access to mental and physical health, financial stability and respect. She is a feminist. She defines feminism as being independent. Therefore she unapologetically states “Nobody controls me. Nobody controls my time or my decisions.” Consequently this is what she teaches her children and this is how she approaches her advocacy work for others. Importantly, she views Social Justice Through a Feminist Lens.

Angela has incredibly capable company in the field of Women Social Justice Warriors.
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In our discussion, we shine a light on the challenges women face in advocacy. The main challenge is simply to have a voice at the table. Angela shares her techniques to be heard. There are some surprising twists here!

The sessions are intimate talks with real life women warriors. Melanie Teichroeb explores the themes of humour, sexuality, fierceness, feminism. SUBSCRIBE NOW for this and more videos with Melanie.

Covid killed Melanie’s breakout solo show “Shield Maiden” in 2020.
However, as one door closed, Melanie kicked other doors down to give her warrior spirit a voice. After a few kicks at the can, she arrived at this delightful place called The Warrior Women Sessions. This is the perfect format for Melanie to use her event emcee skills. Her hostess charms, endless curiosity and great respect for lively, challenging discourse create great conversations.

This is a local, pilot-project series. Sessions include conversations with local women artists, social justice warriors, therapists and more. But Melanie plans to scale up and reach a wider audience. It turns out that systemic oppression is still rolling along. That is to say, we need warriors to shine a light on inequality. The work is not over. Certainly women like Angela show us the way to do the work to lift everyone up.

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